Monday, June 29, 2009

More on Java Troubleshooting

JDK has provided better and better troubleshooting facilities, among other tools. Obviously they are extremely important to develop serious Java applications, which usually have to offer specified performance under resource restraint.

These tools include
  • jinfo pid : check Java command line options and system properties.
  • jstack pid : print thread's stack the their status (e.g., blocking on some object). This is great for knowing what's going on inside the Java application at runtime. And there is no need to set up JVM specially for this purpse.
  • jvisualvm : profile and monitor Java process. It seems JDK on Linux has jvisualvm by default. But you need to install jvisualvm separately on Windows.
as well as some other tools already mentioned before:
  • jconsole
  • jmap
  • jhat

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