Monday, June 22, 2009

IDE for C++

I may work on a C++ project in future. So I am looking for an IDE for C++. I know A good IDE can double the productivity of programming.

Unlike Java, C++ is not cross platform and has many variants though it does have a standard. Thus which IDE to choose is dependent on which C++ to use.

On Windows, Microsoft Visual Studio is the choice for Visual C++ :)

I would like to choose Eclipse CDT for GNU C++. CDT is only IDE. To build and debug C++ code, CDT requires external toolchain, e.g., GNU toolchain. CDT on Liunx will automatically pick up GNU toolchain, which usually is there. But to make CDT on Windows work, we need to install MinGW (Minimalist GNU for Windows). Here is a good tutorial on installing MinGW. Once MinGW is properly installed and added into PATH, CDT can pick up MinGW as a toolchain automatically.

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