Monday, June 08, 2009

Monitoring/Profiling/Debugging Java Process Remotely

Usually there are two difficulties involved:
  1. How to communicate between the remote (target) machine and the local (console) machine? This varies per monitoring/profiling/debugging method. E.g., the built-in JMX console (jconsole) uses remote RMI.
  2. How to penetrate the firewall if existing?
The generic approach is:
  1. Know how to do it locally;
  2. Run a vncserver on the remote machine (In fact, vncserver is lightweight, and easy to install in case there is no vncserver installed on the remote machine);
  3. Use ssh to set up a tunnel between the remote machine and the local machine, e.g., ssh -L5901:remote_machine:5901 userid@remote_machine (ssh is very user-friendly w.r.t. firewall);
  4. Start a vnc verview locally, pointing to localhost:1, and follow the procedure established in step 1.
In this way, remote monitoring/profiling/debugging tasks are doable following a step-by-step procedure.

Of course, sometimes, there is no need to set up a vncserver as long as the communication between the remote machine and the local machine is done in TCP and the port number is known.

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