Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Massive Parallel Test Kit

I have implemented a Massive Parallel Test Kit (MPT) whose major goal is to measure the throughput of a server. While in my case, MPT is used to measure the throughput of our web service registry, GRIMOIRES.

MPT has the following features:
  • MPT is an MPI program. So it is able to create a large number of real parallel clients on a computer cluster to generate a large number of requests simultaneously. That is why it is claimed to be "massive parallel". By the way, it is really convenient to program a cluster using MPI.
  • Each MPI process invokes a Java program, ThroughputTest. ThroughputTest provides basic functionalities required to run a throughput test. Above all, it supports user provided plug-in, called Worker, which implements the actual test business logic.
  • In fact, Worker extends Thread. Thus two forms of parallelism are leveraged in MPT: multi-processing at the MPI level, and multi-threading in at the Java level.
  • MPT has a single control point. The degree of multi-processing, the degree of multi-threading, and the test time are all set as the parameters for the MPI program. The latter two are then passed as environment variables to ThrouputTest.
  • The fairness of the service can be revealed by calculating the deviation of the throughputs measured by individual MPI processes.
I believe MPT is a useful tool to conduct a stress test for web services. A cluster is useful for a building and testing environment for web services. After more tests of MPT, I will release it at the GRIMOIRES project website.

Monday, October 30, 2006


Many First Times Today

Happy today! Lovely weather. We had many first times today. For the first time, we had our Hong Kong style dim sum in UK. It is not bad. For the first time, we drove through a bridge asking for a payment, 50p. There is a good view along the bridge and nice drive.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

My Very First Blog

This is my first blog.



Keep testing