Tuesday, April 21, 2009

JavaScript and Multi-Threading

Several internet sources, such as this, suggest that JavaScript in browser, runs in a single thread that is also responsible for updating browser UI; and JavaScript code is triggered by events. If this is true, it is not a surprise to see why AJAX has to be asynchronous, otherwise network IO will block the browser UI, i.e., make the UI irresponsible.

There were/are several activities to make JavaScript multi-threaded. For instance, the popular JavaScript toolkit Dojo has some support for multi-threading. And there is even a paper talking about multi-threading in JavaScript.

JavaScript now really becomes a serious programming language. Not only there are a lot of libraries/frameworks available so that programmers do not need to write everything from scratch, but also there are a very good programming support, such as profiling (YUI), unit testing (YUI), logging (YUI), debugging (Venkman for Firefox and for Microsoft Script Editor for IE).

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