Monday, April 20, 2009

Browser Application

I am working on a browser application, which I already made some good progress and will put online after it is refactored in object oriented JavaScript.

What I called browser application should have the following three characteristics.
  1. A browser application's runtime environment consists of a web browser and internet only. So if you can surf the net, you can run it. Of course nothing prevents it from being deployed on a web server for people to access. Note. in that case, the web server is not required to have any extra support except static HTTP hosting.
  2. A browser application uses AJAX to provide functionalities. With so many powerful AJAX APIs around on the internet, a browser application can have some amazing functionalities.
  3. A browser application can easily be a rich internet application given that now JavaScript, as well as other client side technologies, have already become so rich in terms of presentation capability.
In summary, a browser application is a browser (only) based rich internet application using AJAX.

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