Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Implement Principles of Modern OS inside Java Application

There are some architectural similarities between a modern OS and an OSGi-based Java application.

For instance, there is a kernel in OS, which provides services to multitasking processes. A shell is there after logging in.

In an OSGi-based Java application, the OSGi acts as the kernel providing fundamental services to bundles. A shell is there after starting up OSGi. Of course multitasking is available in the form of multithreading.

In OS, for the safety and security reason, processes are running in their own memory space.

In OSGi, bundles run in their own code (class) space.

In OS, SELinux can be used to enforce security policies.

In Java, SecurityManager can be used to enforce security policies.

It seems to me that as a trend, principles of modern OS are being implemented in complicated, component-based Java software.

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