Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Apache JMeter is a GUI that allows to compose a performance test without writing a single line of code! Basically what needs to do, in order to implement a performance test, is to properly insert test components such as "thread group, "loop control", "http requests" and "performance data graph", into the test plan. Of course the parameters of these test components should be specified, for instance, how many iterations of the http request are wanted. Then simply start it and a curve as well as data is presented!

With the help of JMeter, I am able to tell in a very simple test, when 27 urlrewrite rules are enabled, the OMII-UK website has a throughput of 3030.915 per minute, i.e., 19.796 ms per request; when rules disable, the throughput is 3005.259 per minute, i.e., 19.965 ms per request. In other words, in this setting, where urlrewrite 2.6 is used, urlrewrite rules pose a 0.9% slowdown. Though the credibility of this particular test result needs to be established.

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