Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Toy Language to Handle Grimoires Registry

I created a toy language to handle Grimoires registry using ANTLR. It also has a simple GUI to type and run the script. So I can type something like:

publish business (name="BusinessAA", desc="a business") -> $bk.

publish service (name="ServiceAA", desc="a service",bkey=$bk, wsdl="http://a/b/c.wsdl", address="http://a/b/") -> $sk.

attach metadata (type="", value="very good") to service (skey=$sk).

If run this script, it will first publish a business with name and description, and save the business key to a variable $bk, which will later be used in publishing service. It then will publish a service and attach a metadata to the published service.

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