Thursday, November 02, 2006

Monitor the Blog and Benchmark the Program

I am using Google Analytics to monitor visits to my blog. See the picture, in which the dots indicates where somebody has visited my blog. There is even one returning visitor. Not bad!

It is a good practice to start monitoring since the website is established. Just like it is a good practice to start benchmarking since the program is prototyped.

Monitoring is an inherent requirement of a website. Thus it should become a part of website infrastructure. I.e., when you establish a website, your website is automatically being monitored. No webmaster effort is involved.

Just like benchmarking is an inherent requirement of a program. Benchmarking should become a part of development environment. When you prototype a program, it costs you zero or little effort to benchmark the program. Some benchmark specific code should be automatically added into your program. Thus according to the benchmark data, you can make a decision on whether to take a certain refactoring or not. Will Aspect-Oriented Programming help on this?

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